Friday, March 11, 2016

FP in Ghana

Mass Media Promotion of Family Planning and the Use of Modern Contraception in Ghana

Dr. Nicholas Parr
Demographic Research Group, EFS, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW2109 Australia

Phone: 61 2 9850 8570
FAX: 61 2 9850 6065

Paper presented in poster format to the 24th IUSSP General Conference at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil 18th-24th August 2001

the link above leads to a full text version

Discontinuation of Contraceptive Use in Ghana

Using data from the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey 1998, this paper analyzed the durationof use of a contraceptive method and the reasons for its non-use given by former users of contraception.The results showed that the duration of use tended to be short, particularly so for the use of condomand withdrawal. Injectable contraceptives and periodic abstinence tended to be used for relativelylong periods. After type of method, a woman’s age and residence (urban or rural) were the mostsignificant predictors of duration of use. The reasons for not currently using contraception given bysignificant numbers of former users of pill and injectable contraceptives should concern service providers and educators.

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