I am a demographer

suppose: it is really important info, other is extra

Born in the USSR

Native Land
September 3, 1956 in Zelenogradsk (former Cranz or Kranz) of Kaliningrad region (oblast) of RSFSR (former East Prussia, or in German: Ostpreußen, in Polish: Prusy Wschodnie, in Lithuanian: Rytų Prūsija). It is a very pleasant small town sitting at the bottom of the Curonian Spit (a nice place not formerly;)


to a beautiful and clever woman (I am a man, we are traditionals:), date of marriage -- July 28, 1993 (Moscow)

One Child

My daughter appeared to this world on August 8, 1994 in Minsk  (Republic of Belarus), but Moscow ZAGS issued her birth certificate -- thus her national and ethnic identifications are not clear


Yes, I have one;) I live in Moscow, not far from my office, which is not far from University metro station, which is in the University on Vorobyovy (Sparrow) Hills

Phone #

939-2929 (office), there are also home one and mobile gadget;). Actually, it is useless to try to contact me via this phone number. First, I usually work at home. Second, the phone does not work yet due to department of economics move to a new building. I hope this will change sooner or later.

Contact me

Via e-mail

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