Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Multidimensional Life Table Estimation of the Total Fertility Rate and Its Components

Using discrete-time survival models of parity progression and illustrative data from the Philippines, this article develops a multivariate multidimensional life table of nuptiality and fertility, the dimensions of which are age, parity, and duration in parity. The measures calculated from this life table include total fertility rate (TRF), total marital fertility rate (TMFR), parity progression ratios (PPR), age-specific fertility rates, mean and median ages at first marriage, mean and median closed birth intervals, and mean and median ages at childbearing by child’s birth order and for all birth orders combined. These measures are referred to collectively as “TFR and its components.” Because the multidimensional life table is multivariate, all measures derived from it are also multivariate in the sense that they can be tabulated by categories or selected values of one socioeconomic variable while controlling for other socioeconomic variables. The methodology is applied to birth history data, in the form of actual birth histories from a fertility survey or reconstructed birth histories derived from a census or household survey. The methodology yields period estimates as well as cohort estimates of the aforementioned measures.

the paper, published in the last Demography, there are also papers about money transfers to Georgia, and mortality projections of (non)smoking

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?

it seems like a question from N. Keyfitz Applied Math Demography, isn't it?
Below Carl Haub answers the question, and have a look at the table with his estimates. It seems like he calculated total births.
Let me reformulate: How Many person-years People Have Ever Lived on Earth?
probably that proportion would be about 1/4 ?

pdf or what?

Have found an interesting thing, in RLMS questionaries for rounds 1 and 4 the search in (pd)file does not work, albeit it works in 2 and 3.
What does it mean?
Different program to convert word2pdf? Supposedly, they used word in 1992.
Unfortunately, the very first round does not have an abortion question. The next three has but with condition since our last meeting, which makes a denominator (women-years) less clear.