Wednesday, December 4, 2013

cannibalism statistics, Ukraine, 1947

LJ user allin777 posted this table:

formal reference: Архив МВД Украины, ф.3, оп.1, д.91, л.139.
for those who do not read in Russian --- translation of columns' titles:
  1. region
  2. number of cannibalism cases in 1947
  3. out of them in June 1947
  4. number of eaten corpses
  5. out of them in June 1947
  6. number of procecuted in 1947 (attracted for responsibility), but not nesessarily arrested
  7. out of them in June 1947
Last table row -- totals.
Colonel Antoniuk, head of BB Dept of Ministry of Interior signed the document.
What is BB -- I do not know yet.

also to the same topic dystrophy prevalence
upg: BB = struggle against banditism

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