Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birth count failure in Caucausus

regional flags, one with swastika ?
One of regional president's envoys or (whatever the position might be) Mr A Khloponin recently announced the deficiency of more than 100 thousand children in the region of his responsibility. There are seven federal subjects in the region: six of them national republics (autonomies), including Chechya, and one Russian kray. Since Rosstat data base does nor work for already about a year I used the demoscope's one which is outdated but remains useful for the purpose like this, so the regional total population is about nine million (2005).

About 15-16 per cent of federal total is children (age 0-15), applying this  percentage to regional population I obtain 1.5 mln, and comparing the estimate with said by Khloponin figure--it seems that about 7-8 per cent of children do not exist in reality (at least in this region).

upg: reread Khloponing message, and got that he mentioned republics only, i.e., virtual kids are more localized

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